All About Art of Words

As the Art of Words Mission Statement says: 

Finding great gifts is hard. We create breathtaking word art illustrations of legendary sports, music, and historic moments sure to delight even the most difficult person to buy for. 


Why should you be giving word art from Art of Words?

Because you’re someone who believes giving a gift should be about more than grabbing a gift card and calling it “good enough.”

Because you know the best presents delight and affirm those who receive them, from their very first glimpse of what’s under the wrapping paper.

Because you want the gifts you give to say, “I know you and treasure you for who you are.”

Each piece of word art Dan Duffy creates is as unique and meaningful as the people on your gift list.

Art of Words is wall art that matters for the people who matter to you.

Great Wall Art Does Much More Than Take Up Space

At first glance, a piece by Dan Duffy may look like wall decor you’ve seen before. 

An immediately recognizable city skyline. A picture of an iconic sports venue. A portrait of a famous athlete, musician, of one of history’s movers and shakers.

But look again. Look closely.


Cities’ streets, neighborhoods, must-see spots, and time-honored traditions...

Sports heroes’ names, stats, and greatest match-ups...

Musical superstars’ song lyrics, and inspiring leaders’ unforgettable speeches…

These are the words on the lips and in the hearts of the people you care about.  

And these are the words Dan transfers to his canvas letter by letter, stroke by stroke, shaping them into scenes of places and faces that stir up special memories, encourage people to pursue what they're passionate about, and leave them feeling excited about life.

As you can see, wall decor from Art of Words does so much more than fill in that blank spot above the couch in the living room or between the bookcases!

Word Art to “Wow” Even the Toughest Gift Recipient

Dan Duffy didn’t set out to become one of the East Coast’s most prolific and accomplished word artists.

As he’ll tell you, “The whole thing started because I wanted to impress a girl!”

That was in 2008. Now, Dan’s girlfriend is his wife, and he’s the full-time word artist who founded and owns Art of Words in Flourtown, Pennsylvania.

When he started Art of Words, Dan was selling his meticulously handwritten pictures of Philadelphia sports stars and landmarks at local craft fairs and holiday markets. 

Today, this ever-growing collection of word art features athletes and attractions from cities around the country, as well as celebrated entertainers, presidents, mascots, and more.

Dan writes by hand each original piece, using only words relevant to the subject. Each original takes at least 50 hours to complete. Larger pieces can take up to 200.

All Art of Words prints measure 16 by 20 inches. As an added bonus, Dan signs each print by hand! 

Dan has worked with TED Talks, Footlocker, the University of Maryland, NBC Sports, the Philadelphia Flyers, and many other organizations.

Dan and his work have been featured by ESPN, the New York Daily News, USA Today, the Washington Post, and several other media outlets.

Most important, the word art Dan creates is thrilling lucky gift recipients—and thoughtful gift givers like you—around the country and the world.

Browse our full collection to see for yourself how wall art from Art of Words can delight the people who delight you. 

A portion of proceeds from many of our pieces benefit the following charities!

Improving the quality of life for individuals afflicted with ALS and their families by lessening the financial burden associated with this devastating disease

Focus on educating, advocating, and mobilizing all members of Congress in a bipartisan fashion to benefit people with ALS
Non-profit created by the Grateful Dead & Friends to support creative endeavors in the arts, sciences, and education

Non-profit 501( c)(3) organization, providing financial grants and pro bono medical assistance to retired NFL players in dire need.


Will the price of the item be included in the package?
- We understand these are often given as gifts, so no prices are showing in the packaging or packing slip.

How quickly are items shipped?
- Framed and unframed prints ship within 2-3 business days. You'll get an email with tracking info as soon as it is shipped. 

Do you ship internationally?
- Yes! Just choose your desired country during checkout and the shipping rate will appear before you finalize the transaction.

How are items packaged?
- Unframed prints are carefully rolled, wrapped in plastic, and mailed in sturdy shipping tubes. Framed prints are wrapped in plastic and packaged in cardboard boxes.

Are different sizes available?
- 16"x20" is the only size that we currently offer. 
Do you do custom pieces?
- Although we cannot take on personal requests, we do occasionally work with professional teams, colleges and organizations. Send us an email at to inquire.

What is your return policy?
- We have a 30 day return/exchange policy - full info here.