6ABC: Gritty gets the Philly Word Art treatment for early birthday gift

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Gritty is just days away from turning 1-year-old.

Yes, Gritty has only been around for a year, though it may feel as if he's been a Philadelphia treasure for decades.

To honor the Philadelphia Flyers award-winning mascot, Mr. Philly Word Art himself, Dan Duffy, has made Gritty the subject of his latest project.

"It's been my goal to create every Philly sports icon out of words, and Gritty almost immediately cemented himself as one of the most popular figures in the city," Duffy told 6abc.com.

Duffy decided to draw Gritty out of the words that make up his origin story found on the Flyers' website.

Did you remember his full name is Grittwald G. Grittington? Of course, you did.

Not only are the words all about Gritty, but so is the font!

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