Word Art FAQs

Ever wonder why someone would dedicate their life to writing tiny numbers and letters to make art? I answer that along with some other frequently asked questions below!

How did this all start?

I attended the Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, but didn't begin word art until after the Phillies won the 2008 World Series. I wanted to make something to impress my girlfriend at the time, so I wrote the scores of every single Phillies game from that season to create an image of Brad Lidge rejoicing after the final out. I guess it worked, because we ended up getting married!

How long does each piece take?

I'd say anywhere from 50-150 hours. Pieces with less words like Patrick Mahomes are on the lower end, whereas all time roster stadiums like Wrigley Field are on the higher end.

Which piece took the longest?

Definitely the Eagles Championship Parade, which was over 200 hours. If I'm being completely honest, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I'm an Eagles fan and this was a monumental day for myself as well as the million other people who attended!

Are there any teams you won't do?

As a loyal Philadelphian, there are a few pieces I can't stomach even thinking about creating. First, anything Dallas Cowboys related is strictly banned. It's not even a good idea wearing Cowboys gear in the city, much less creating a piece of art. The second one would be Sidney Crosby. I know he's one of hockey's all time greats, but unfortunately we flat out don't like him here. Deepest apologies to Cowboys and Pens fans, it's nothing personal!

How do you decide your next piece?

It all depends! Many are based on sports championships and the most iconic stadiums out there. Additionally, there are still several American (and international) skylines on the list. Most importantly, I do pool together requests from our social media and email subscribers, so don't hesitate to throw ideas my way!   

As always, thank you to everyone for your support! If you're in the market for a unique gift, just click the link below...



  • Dawn

    Received Bruce Springsteen for my birthday Loved it !!! Ordered another one for my best friends birthday. Wish you could do one for Dodger World Series win in 2020 or any Dodger Stadium.

  • Janet E Buonocore

    Your artwork is just amazing.
    We got Yankee Stadium for my husbands birthday. Love it so much.
    We got our nephew Yankee Stadium for his 50th. birthday. He loved it too.
    Maybe someday you will do Dodger Stadium.

  • Mary Gillen

    Love love your work I have 10 pieces in my house and have given my family some for the holidays. I absolutely love that you won’t do The Cowgirls or Sidney lo such a Philly thing . Thanks again for your talent

  • Tom D’Alessandro

    Your work is amazing. We have several throughout our home!

    Jerry Jones calls you and offers you $1 million to draw a Cowboys word art. Your response is?:

    A) I got your million right here
    B) Thank you, Mr. Jones
    C) Fuggheddabatit

  • Diane Ford

    Absolutely amazing. You are truly talented.

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