Choose to Give Cool Groomsmen Gifts to Your Guys

Amid all the other wedding planning you have to do, choosing unique groomsmen gifts might not seem a top priority. 

But, it’s worth your time to consider the mementos you’ll give the guys in your wedding party. You don’t want to grab the traditional—but tired—mainstays.

Sure, a personalized pocket knife looks cool. But, how’s it going to compete with the knife a groomsman has already been carrying for years, that feels like a natural extension of his hand? What if he’s using an heirloom knife from his dad or granddad? How much action would a new knife actually see?

And, the same goes for a monogrammed bottle opener. Be honest: You know it’ll end up another knickknack, rattling around the back corner of a kitchen drawer.

An engraved shot glass or beer glass? Guaranteed to sit on a display shelf and gather dust. No matter how much the groom and his guys may drink at the bachelor party, do you really want the life-long reminder of your big day to be about the booze?

And, don’t even start with toiletry bags. When they’re not being thrown in suitcases, they’re hanging out on bathroom countertops. 

It’s easy to see why items like these have become go-to, “classic gifts” for groomsmen. They’re practical. They’re not flashy. And, they all have an unmistakable masculine vibe.

Not all classic groomsmen gifts, however, are cool groomsmen gifts. Taking something any guy could easily buy for himself (and probably rather would) and putting his name on it doesn’t make it the perfect present. 

When you invited these men to join your wedding party, you invited them to make what will be one of your life’s most special days even more so by their presence. 

When you stop and think about these unique men and your unique relationships with them, don’t you agree they deserve truly unique groomsmen gifts?

Prints from the Art of Words collection more than qualify.

Whether they’re images of teams you cheer for together, schools you attended with them, cities where you’ve shared adventures, or sports and entertainment heroes you all hold in high esteem, these impressive and unforgettable pieces of wall decor can show your groomsmen you honor the history and friendship you share with each of them.

If Your Groomsmen Can Make it There, They’ll Make it Anywhere

View of New York City skyline at sunrise, handwritten with names of streets, neighborhoods, and landmarks.

Is your big day happening in or near the Big Apple? Then our New York City Skyline print makes a great gift for your groomsmen—especially if they’re traveling from a distance. A visit to New York is always memorable, but a New York wedding trip is an extra-special event!

Word artist Dan Duffy’s colorful composition features many of the NYC skyline’s crown jewels. Naturally, Lady Liberty is there, lifting her lamp beside the golden door. Beyond her, you can see the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, and many other Manhattan skyscrapers. 

The names of New York streets, neighborhoods, and landmarks handwritten both in black and in vibrant shades of blue, pink, orange, and yellow make a captivating scene of a splendid sunrise over the city that never sleeps.

When it hangs on your groomsmen’s walls, this print will always remind them of the wedding party’s red-letter day in the Empire City!

Does Your Big Day at the Altar Conflict With a Big Day at the Ballpark?

Unframed print of Yankee Stadium word art, handwritten with New York Yankee’s all-time roster, lies flat on wooden table.

We know your groomsmen love you. But, if your wedding day happens to be a summer day when their favorite ball team is taking the field, don’t be surprised if they want to check the score as soon as they reach the reception!

If your groomsmen would otherwise be at the ballpark, consider giving them an Art of Words print celebrating one of the game’s great venues.

One of the greatest is Yankee Stadium. It may be “The House That Ruth Built,” but in this print, it’s the house Dan Duffy “built!” He meticulously wrote the name of every player to put on the pinstripes through 2009, when the team won its 27th World Series championship.

When your groomsmen look at Dan’s art, they’ll almost be able to hear the crack of the bat and taste the roasted peanuts—and they’ll still be glad they spent your special day with you, cheering on you and your spouse!

The Next Best Thing to a Wedding at Wrigley Field

Unframed Wrigley Field word art print, handwritten with all-time Chicago Cubs roster.


No Yankees fans in your wedding party? How about boosters of another team with a national fan following—second only to the Yankees in popularity, according to YouGov—the Chicago Cubs?

The Cubbies’ days as baseball’s “lovable losers” are long gone. Their 2016 World Series championship was their first since 1908 and definitively broke the Curse of the Billy Goat.

They’ve seen ups and downs since, and (as of this writing) haven’t gone back to the Fall Classic. But, the Blue Bears’ loyal fans across the country are still singing “Go Cubs Go” with extra vigor as they wait for a return trip.

Any Cubs fan groomsman who’s ever been or who has ever wanted to go to a game at Wrigley Field will relish Dan’s word art tribute to the North Siders’ home turf. 

It shows off so many features of the Friendly Confines: The clock-topped, hand-operated scoreboard festooned with flags, the rooftop bleachers across Waveland Avenue, the ivy-covered outfield walls, even the iconic red marquee.

And, they’re all formed from the handwritten names of every Cub through that amazing 2016 season—2,052 names in all!

You may not be getting hitched at Wrigley Field, but giving Dan’s artwork of the famous field to your groomsmen could be the next best thing!

Celebrate Shared School Days and School Pride

 View of fans at main gate of Bryant-Denny Stadium at University of Alabama, handwritten with Crimson Tide record.

Sometimes, weddings almost double as college reunions. Former roommates, classmates, and Greek-life housemates will often serve as each other’s wedding attendants. 

If the groom and his groomsmen formed unique friendships with each other on campus, why not choose unique groomsmen gifts celebrating those special years together?

Dan’s recently completed view of Bryant-Denny Stadium at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, for instance, will make many Capstone alumni remember fall Saturdays spent together rooting for the Crimson Tide.

Dan formed every part of this scene—from the blue game day sky to each of the fans streaming down the Walk of Champions toward the stadium’s grand north end zone gate—out of the handwritten dates, scores, and opponents of every Crimson Tide triumph through the squad’s 52-24 victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes. Their 18th national championship capped a perfect, 13-0 season.

Sure, there’s more to college than singing—or screaming—the school fight song with your friends as the team scores another touchdown. But, who wouldn’t rather remember weekends in the stadium than long nights at the library, cramming for finals?

Show Your Groomsmen They’re Rock Stars in Your Book

Portrait of Mick Jagger singing and Keith Richards playing guitar, handwritten with titles of Rolling Stone songs.

When you think about weddings and music, rock and roll may not be the first genre that leaps to mind. (Even so, plenty of hits make great additions to a reception playlist, and if you’re willing to buck convention, you’ll find plenty of ideas for rock-themed nuptials online!)

Even if your ceremony’s soundscape isn’t rock but Bach, or won’t include any song other than “Here Comes the Bride,” that’s no reason not to give a cool groomsmen gift that celebrates a shared love of great tunes or starts up vivid memories of catching fantastic concerts together.

For nearly six decades, the Rolling Stones have been thrilling audiences worldwide with their hard-driving, electrifying sound and showmanship. No one who’s seen the Stones perform live could deny they’ve earned their reputation as the World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band.

Dan Duffy’s word art portrait of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on stage captures the excitement and adrenaline of a Stones concert.

Dan has shaped and shaded the titles of songs from the band’s first two decades to show Jagger singing and strutting as only he can, while Keith accompanies on a black Telecaster custom—maybe even the 1975 Fender he used to fend off an overly enthusiastic fan during a 1981 concert in Virginia!

Your groomsmen will enjoy finding their favorite songs from this era of the Stones’ catalog. “Satisfaction,” “Sympathy for the Devil,” “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”—they’re all waiting to be discovered, along with hundreds more. 

It’s only rock and roll, but we like it—and so will your groomsmen!

Special Groomsmen Gifts Ensure Your Special Day Gets Remembered

Do you see now how an Art of Words print can say so much more to your groomsmen than a shot glass or bottle opener ever could?

These unique groomsmen gifts make your groomsmen feel known, honored, and—though you might not catch them saying it—loved. 

They communicate just how much your relationship with them matters, and that you want them to continue long after the festivities of the wedding day are done.

These are gifts your groomsmen will hang on their walls and post pics of on social media with pride, telling anyone who’ll listen, “See what I got for being in my buddy’s wedding? Isn’t it great?!

They may not remember what the priest said in the service or what they had to eat at the reception afterward. But, they’ll remember being part of your special day every day, because of how special the groomsmen gift you gave made them feel.

Browse our collection now to find the perfect print for your groomsmen—and when you buy five or more prints, take 20% off your order by entering the code GROOM20 at check out!

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