Unique Gifts for the Unique People On Your Holiday List

The holiday season is here, and the pressure to give unique gifts to the people you care about is on. 

Finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be stressful. Sometimes, a little nudge is all you need to start coming up with great gift ideas.

So, we at Art of Words are nudging you!

Here are a few potential presents we’ve spotted that appeal to or outright intrigue us. We hope they’ll spark a few whole new holiday gift ideas for you!

5 Unique Gift Ideas to Help Your Holiday Shopping Along

We haven’t personally tested these products. And we’re not making any money mentioning them to you in this post.

But, they all seem like unique gifts we’d be happy to find as stocking stuffers or under the tree.

#1 - I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Waffleshots

Ever wanted to drink coffee, espresso, or something stronger out of an ice cream cone?

We hadn’t either… until we saw Waffleshots.

Waffleshots are shot glass-size, edible waffle cone cups, lined and rimmed with chocolate. (Some flavors even have an extra, hidden filling at the base.)

Based in sunny Los Angeles, Waffleshots will ship orders nationwide, which means you can give them to anyone, anywhere.

We bet they’ll thank you for making this holiday season’s eggnog taste extra delectable!

#2 - Work From Home Without Food Crumbs

More Americans work from home, at least part of the time, than they did before. So consider presents that can keep the special WFH folks on your list focused, productive, and positive.

For example: When someone working at home eats on the job, crumbs may become an annoying distraction—or worse. They could gum up the keyboard, or attract insects to the bedroom that’s doubling as an office. 

Mini-vacuums such as these colorful Capsule Vacuum Cleaners from Scrubway can be a fast, fun way to make the workspace spick-and-span.

#3 - Starting a New Fitness Year on Smart Footing

If someone on your list is focused on staying fit, consider giving a health and wellness gadget to encourage them. Although most folks who want an Apple Watch or Garmin likely have one, fitness trackers worn on the wrist aren’t your only options.

Have you considered smart socks? Sensoria sells sensor-infused socks designed to collect data on step count, speed, cadence, foot landing technique, and more. Wearers can then take steps (pun intended) to change bad habits and improve their walking and running performance.

#4 - Water Bottles Have Gone High Tech

It’s no secret bottled water, while convenient, is bad news for our planet because of all the plastic pollution it creates. A reusable water bottle makes good environmental sense. It can also make a great gift for anyone who needs to stay hydrated on the go.

CrazyCap water bottles claim to do more than hold your water. They’ll purify it by means of an LED-equipped topper. Self-cleaning, rechargeable, and stylish, they can also become personalized gifts by adding the recipient’s name.

#5 - That’s No Moon—That’s a Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Shopping for a Star Wars fan? This may be the holiday gift you’re looking for: a levitating Bluetooth speaker that looks like the Death Star.

The “7 Arc Star” is only one of several Bluetooth speakers that use magnets to achieve a magical floating effect. But it’s the only one brave enough to admit holiday season stress can make Christmas carols coming from an orbital death ray sound just about right!

Wall Art from Art of Words Makes the Perfect Gift

Again, we think all the products we’ve listed would make great gifts

But we’re absolutely certain Art of Words prints do!

We’ve heard it from thousands of happy customers:

  • “A big hit for the whole family!” 

    Word art scene of Heinz Field, composed of handwritten Pittsburgh Steeler all-time roster, makes a great gift for football fans.

  • “When he opened it his eyes lit up! It was so cool watching him looking for different games and scores. It was the perfect gift!” 

    Word art portrait of St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina in 2011 World Series makes perfect gift for baseball fans.

  • “...they couldn’t have loved it more!”  

    Word art portrait of St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina in 2011 World Series makes perfect gift for baseball fans.

  • It’s hard to go wrong when you give Art of Words!

    Whenever you need unique gifts for fans of top college and pro sports teams, world-class stadiums, legendary musicians, great American cities, and more, you’re sure to find wall art in our collection to thrill even the people who are “impossible” to buy for!

    Want even more unique gift ideas? Download our ultimate gift guide. It’s 21 pages of fully illustrated gift giving inspiration to last all year long!

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