Don’t Just Give a Great Gift: Give a Unique Birthday Gift

A framed family picture, a coveted outfit, a special dinner. Are these great gifts? Maybe. But what if it’s a truly unique birthday gift you’re looking for? When you shop for the perfect gift for a loved one’s birthday, you want it to be more than “great.” You want it to be lasting, memorable, and different.

At Art of Words, we know all about unique gifts! In fact, you could say artist Dan Duffy’s work was founded upon unique gifting. After all, his first word art piece in 2008 was crafted to impress his then-girlfriend (who is now his wife.)

If, then, you find yourself asking: What are some unique birthday gifts? Look no further. Art of Words has something special, sentimental, and exceptional for the favorite birthday gal, guy, or person in your life.

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas ----> This Way

Whether you are buying a gift for a parent, child, friend, or coworker, you may have already done a search for unique birthday gifts for her or unique birthday gifts for him, hoping to find something more meaningful than wine glasses, essential oils

Unlike birthday presents that may be “nice” or perhaps predictable, what makes Art of Words artwork special—and unique—is that they are a gift within a gift, within another gift. This is because in addition to covering a wide variety of subjects, ranging from music and sports legends to historical figures, places, and famous skylines, each Art of Words print tells a story.

First, Dan tells a story within each piece of art, using handwritten words to construct faces and places. These words consist of song lyrics, speeches, sports statistics, and facts about the cities, people, and landmarks depicted in each piece. But, behind Dan’s artful stories are those you have with the person you bestow your unique birthday gift upon.

Blonde woman and brown-haired man hang up 2014 Giants World Series framed Art of Words artwork on the wall.

For example, if you and your bestie never missed a Giants game growing up near The Golden Gate City, he’ll love the 2014 SF Giants World Series print. Showcasing Pablo “Panda” Sandoval alongside Madison Bumgarner and Buster Poser celebrating the series win, each handwritten word displaying the date, score, and opponent of every Giants game from the 2014 season.

Word art print of Bruce Springsteen with red headband playing guitar made of handwritten lyrics of “Born to Run.”

Or, maybe, your boss is obsessed with “The Boss.” In which case, she would love a framed birthday print of Bruce Springsteen with Handwritten lyrics of "Born to Run."

Art of Words artwork of New York City Skyline made with handwritten words of city’s streets, neighborhoods, and landmarks.

And, how about the time your sweetie surprised you with a trip to The Big Apple to see “Chicago” on Broadway and enjoy a carriage ride through Central Park? Give him a gift back that shows just how meaningful your time was with a New York City Skyline print. When he looks closer, he’ll see the handwritten street names, neighborhoods, and landmarks you visited together.

No End to Creative Birthday Gift Ideas Here!

The spectacular thing about the Art of Words collection is that there is an exceptionally creative and unique birthday gift for everyone. And, to make gift-giving even more fun for your special birthday recipient, pair your New York City Skyline gift with a plate of Nathan’s hot dogs. Or, a print of Soldier Field with a slice of deep-dish pizza. When unwrapping a Bruce Springsteen print, queue up “Born to Run.” Or, turn up “Stir it Up,” as your co-worker opens a framed portrait of Bob Marley.

Even if you present your Art of Words print as is—that’s all you need. The stories within the art, combined with those you and your birthday giftee share, are enough to make another memorable moment for you both to share.
Ready to shop for a unique birthday gift? We got you! Peruse our full collection now.

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