Tupac Word Art - Why I Chose Him

      After doing a few music word art pieces from my parents' generation (Springsteen, Beatles), I wanted to do an artist that I loved while growing up. I think I first heard Tupac when I was about 13 or 14 years old...but his songs had such an impact on me, I haven't been able to listen to authority figures since. This piece started with a picture of 2Pac from the first video I ever saw, "Keep Ya Head Up", and is written out with my all time favorite 2Pac verses.


But I had to step it up for this one and try something new...a while back one of my pieces was up for auction with an original handwritten letter from Tupac. So I studied his writing style, breaking it down to the individual letter - and created this whole piece using Tupac's style of writing.

As you can tell, this one is very meaningful to me - hope you enjoy it!

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