The Ultimate Gift Giving Checklist

  1. Think about what your recipient likes - What do they talk about? What do they post on social media? Are they a sports fan? If so, which teams do they like? Doing just a tiny bit of research could make this very easy for you!
  1. Do they have any special memories you can tap into? Are they a history buff, a music lover, where do they like to travel, where did they grow up, go to school or get married? These are clues to help you find a gift that is meaningful to your recipient. 
  1. Find a gift with special meaning - Things are nice, but truthfully who remembers what “thing” they received for Christmas two years ago? Memories are forever and bring us joy. They’re especially important now, when life is so different and challenging. Choose a gift with special meaning and it’s sure to be a hit!
  1. Gifts need no special occasion - Yes, it’s wonderful to remember our loved ones on holidays and their birthdays. But gifts to lift someone’s spirits or “just because” are incredible because they surprise and infuse unexpected love and happiness in people’s lives. 
  1. Don't wait too long - Shipping times have increased this year, so make sure you order with plenty of time before your gift giving deadline!

  2. Presentation is everything - A well wrapped gift really builds anticipation for what's inside. Make sure to get some sharp looking wrapping paper and don't forget that bows can go a long way!

  3. Tell them why they're special - A great gift 

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