The Rolling Stones

You asked and the Word Lion hath delivered! By popular demand, I’m proud to announce my latest piece featuring Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, the legendary duo behind the world’s greatest rock band, the Rolling Stones. After countless requests from fans, usually wearing a cutoff t-shirt of some kind, I decided it was time to finally get down to business and work on the Stones.



This piece focuses specifically on the two members who have written the clear majority of the bands’ songs. They’re two of the most recognizable rock stars of all time, both sonically and visually. My goal was to convey them just as they would have appeared playing a concert in the mid-seventies - Mick with his signature pursed lips and Keith hovering in the background, looking cool as hell while shredding on the guitar. The text is made up of all their songs from the first 20 years of their career (with their longevity, that could mean a few more pieces to come…)


Rolling Stones Time Lapse Video

Throughout the 50 hours I spent on this project, I listened to every Rolling Stones album and watched the Crossfire Hurricane documentary for inspiration. Classic rock was on steady rotation in our house when I was growing up, but I was always more of a passive fan of the Stones. I walked away from this experience with a new appreciation for the band.



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