Thank You, Phil Martelli

Wanted to take a quick minute to say THANK YOU to Phil Martelli...a coach, mentor and champion of Philadelphia who had put St. Joe's basketball on the map. Yet basketball was only a small part of his impact. Coach Martelli was a major influence in the city - constantly involved in public speaking engagements, charity events, and a leader on Hawk Hill. 

He turned myself, a lifelong Nova fan, into a supporter of St. Joe's basketball, especially during their legendary runs in the early 2000s. In addition, he had personally gotten us involved with the Coaches vs. Cancer charity, which we will always continue to support. He and his family have been supporters of word art ever since, something I can't thank them enough for. 

In return, I had created a personal piece to give to him (below), and a piece for all Hawks fans. Thanks for everything Coach!!  
Phil Martelli

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