Progressive Field Original Winner

I want to thank every single person who participated in this contest, whether you nominated yourself or someone else. I always knew Cleveland was a baseball town, but this week I got to see first hand just how passionate you are about the Tribe. It was nearly impossible to pick a winner from the amazing stories you shared, but here are two people who really made an impression:

Bob Fields

Bob Fields

I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Fields while working our booth at the the Play Ball Park fan festival, and quickly realized that his love of baseball goes way beyond the Indians. He played on the state championship team at League Park, where he had to learn to field ground balls that bounced off the rocks in the infield. He educated me about Cleveland's Negro League teams and the entire Indians farm system, which he constantly follows. Currently, Bob works as a postal worker and is actively volunteering to help restore the original League Park, so it was only fitting to choose him as the winner and hand deliver the original artwork at the old Stadium. 

John Adams

Although I did not get to meet Mr. Adams in person, he was by far the most nominated person in my contest due to his popularity as the drummer at almost every single Indians game. However, this has led him to become somewhat of a baseball celebrity in Cleveland and I wanted to make sure a more unknown person had the original. With that being said, I'll be creating a 1 of 1 oversized special edition framed print for Mr. Adams, and I'm going to handwrite his name in the location of his seat.


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  • Suzy Doyle

    I am one of the people that voted for the drummer gentleman in this contest. I can understand why he didn’t get the winning vote even though he had the most votes. I think that it’s amazing of you to make the 1 of 1 print for him with his name at his seat! I hope you’re planning of posting a picture of it when you’re finished with it. I, for one would love to see it. Suzy Doyle

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