Philadelphia Eagles Championship Parade Word Art

Philly - our years of pain and suffering are finally over. The Eagles finally brought home a trophy - with a team of underdogs that perfectly represented the city of Brotherly Love. There was only one image that could truly capture the pure jubilation of this team and city: the championship parade. Chances are you found a way to get there - maybe you got a hotel room, walked, lived close by, or waited on a SEPTA platform at 5am. Regardless, you were there - and I used an aerial view so you could pick out the spot where you stood and witnessed the greatest day in Philly sports history. The image is handwritten the date, score, and opponent of every Eagles game in history (all 1,188 of 'em), and I'm hoping you're able to find your favorite (or least favorite) games to share with your loved ones!! 

Prints are available here!

Eagles Championship Parade

  • While at the parade, I watched a bunch of people climbing the "Winter Fountains" dome art installations. This is represented to the right of Eakins Oval 
  • Also at the parade, my uncle was next to a fan who climbed a tree dressed as an Eagle...and sat there for 5 hours. That fan is located in a tree to the left of Eakins Oval 
  • There is one play documented in the 3 TV screens by Eakins Oval – can you guess which one?? 

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