No Florida = Biggest Sale


Being that I am most likely one of the smallest MLB licensees on the planet I'm sure there are all kinds of things in the contract stating that I can't disparage the league or the game... and so I won't! That's why I was just so happy to hear about the announcement yesterday that we're not going to be starting baseball... for who knows how long!
We were really excited for spring training and had some plans to go down to Florida to attend some art festivals at spring training and meet a bunch of baseball fans to see if they could find their favorite players in in my art. i was looking forward to talking baseball and enjoying some warm weather but after yesterday's announcement we don't have to worry about that anymore. I hope you can see how happy I am through my hardened beard.
Since we're not going to Florida we don't have to worry about bringing all this inventory we made down with us! So to clear out some inventory space we're making all our baseball prints 40% off until the start of the season!

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    I don’t see the 40 off at checkout.

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