Sports Man Cave Ideas for Any Home

Every sports fan deserves a comfortable place to catch their favorite teams in action. Whether you decide to convert the basement, garage, or spare bedroom into the ultimate hangout, certain elements are must-haves. From comfortable seating and a place for drinks to man cave sports decor, follow our guide to creating a space where you and your friends can’t wait to watch the game. 

The Basics of Designing a Man Cave 

Before you can even start thinking about adding man cave sports decor, you need to handle certain details with the space itself, especially if you’re converting it into your getaway. 

These include:

Wiring. Do you plan to add a big screen TV, surround sound, a high-powered gaming system, or other electronics to your sports cave? Before adding anything, confirm that you have adequate outlets and that your electrical system is capable of handling the extra load. The last thing you want is for your sound system to trip the circuit breaker and cut power on the last play of the game. 

Plumbing. If you’re converting the basement or garage, consider a plumbing upgrade. An extra bathroom is always a welcome addition, but even adding an extra sink or water line for a bar can take your fan cave to the next level. 

Lighting. Ceiling lights that you can control with a dimmer are the best option for a fan cave, letting you create the atmosphere you want. Accent lighting can highlight man cave sports decor (like one of Dan Duffy’s custom art pieces) or add ambiance. Interior design experts caution against overusing neon or brightly colored LED lights, though, as they can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to tire of them. 

Once you have these basics in place, you can begin decorating and arranging the space, adding elements of man cave decor that speak to your interests and personal style. 

Man Cave Sports Decor Ideas 

When you think “man cave” or “fan cave,” what comes to mind? For most people, it’s casual and comfortable, with little touches that make watching a game or a movie or just relaxing and hanging out a bit more fun. 

That doesn’t mean a man cave has to be a hodgepodge of hand-me-downs or a recreation of your college frat house. It can still be a stylish room when you add the following elements. 


Comfort is the name of the game here. Recliners are always a good choice, but sectional sofas that can be arranged in multiple configurations are also handy. Choose leather, or an easy-clean fabric, to deal with spills and messes.

And when you’re arranging furniture, make sure there’s enough space between seats and the TV to enjoy the view. You don’t want to be sitting so close that you can’t catch all the on-screen action on. 

Wall Decor 

Neon beer signs, old posters, and cardboard standups might be the “standard” for sports cave decor, but up your decorating game with more unique artwork options, like framed pieces from Art of Words. Instead of the same generic images and sports memorabilia you can find on the wall of any sports bar, decorate your fan cave with one of Dan Duffy’s hand-drawn pieces featuring great sports teams, players, stadiums, cities, and more. 

For example, why not adorn your walls with an image of Mike “Da Coach” Ditka, created using some of his most famous and frequently repeated sayings? 

A hand-drawn image of Chicago Bears’ coach Mike Ditka with quotations by artist Dan Duffy.

Or maybe you’re a college sports fan and would prefer a custom image of Penn State’s Beaver Stadium, handwritten with all of the team’s wins since 1949?

A hand-drawn image of Penn State’s Beaver Stadium by artist Dan Duffy.

Boston baseball fans will delight in a hand-drawn image of Fenway Park, featuring the scores of every game from the 2013 championship season. 

Hand-drawn image of Fenway Park with the Boston Red Sox season stats for 2013 drawn by Dan Duffy.

These are just a few of the sports man cave ideas for wall decor that add style and class to the room. 


What’s a game without a cold drink and a snack? If adding a full bar isn’t in the cards, a mini-fridge and storage for snacks are welcome additions—no need to head to the kitchen for refreshments or miss a moment of the action! 

Arts of Words Will Make Your Man Cave Unique 

Your sports cave is a place just for you, where you can relax and unwind and cheer on your favorite teams. Why not make it just as unique as you are? With more than 100 prints to choose from, you’ll undoubtedly find the perfect man cave wall decor to enhance the space from Art of Words. Check out the entire collection online, and when you sign up for alerts, enjoy 10% off your next purchase. 

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