Football Wall Art for Your Man Cave

When the gang comes over to watch games at your man cave, the action on screen is the main attraction. If you’ve stocked up on drinks and snacks, everyone’s going to have a good time.

But, football wall art can make game day even better. 

It can stir up team spirit.

It can remind you of great gridiron moments and powerhouse players you’ve seen together in seasons past.

And it can make being in your man cave the next best thing to being at the stadium—maybe even better!

Word artist Dan Duffy’s celebrations of standout stadiums, famous football players, and amazing games can help set the scene for your celebrations of football and friendship.

Bring Some Stadium Excitement to Your Man Cave Walls 

If you want to give friends who visit your man cave some stadium atmosphere, football wall art can help.

Start with a view of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

Football wall art shows high angle view of spectators in Arrowhead Stadium, handwritten with Kansas City Chiefs 2019 season stats.

Since 1972, citizens of the Chiefs Kingdom have gone to Arrowhead Stadium to make noise - lots of noise.

Long known as one of the league’s loudest stadiums, Arrowhead was where Chiefs fans roared their way into the record books. On September 29, 2014, the home crowd topped out at 142.2 dbA—more than two decibels louder than the sound on an aircraft carrier’s deck

Dan Duffy’s scene captures a capacity crowd more than 76,400 fans strong, in Chiefs red and gold, cheering on the team’s 60th anniversary festivities with what is no doubt eardrum-bruising intensity.

Dan formed the image by writing the names of every player from the franchise’s founding (when they were the Dallas Texans) through its 2019 anniversary season, which culminated in their Super Bowl LIV triumph.

That’s 1,292 names in all!

Arrowhead not your team’s turf? Consider word art of Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium, Chicago’s Soldier Field, or Green Bay’s Lambeau Field.

All these venues have seen home and away teams alike score big wins. Our unique views of any or all can bring special stadium excitement to your man cave’s walls.

Unforgettable Portraits of Unforgettable Football Players

When you hang up a portrait of a pivotal player, you’re showing who embodies what you love most about the game.

The late Reggie White, who in his 15 NFL seasons played defense for the Eagles, Packers, and Panthers, made an indelible mark on the sport.

Football wall art is portrait of NFL defensive lineman Reggie White, handwritten with stats of his 198 sacks.

The “Minister of Defense” was fearsome on the field. When he retired in 2000, he was the league’s all-time sack leader, with 198 to his credit. 

Among other honors, he was voted Defensive MVP/Player of the Year four times and named to 13 consecutive Pro Bowls.

When he died in 2004, coaches, fans, and fellow football players remembered not only his huge plays but also his big spirit. Then-NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue called White “a gentle warrior” and praised “the way he served as a positive influence on so many young people.”

Dan Duffy wrote the date and downed QB of each of White’s 198 sacks to create a compelling portrait of arguably the greatest defensive lineman football has ever seen.

Like all player portraits in our football wall art collection, it can make you and your man cave guests appreciate again the blend of outward and inner strength found in football’s best players.

A “Monumental” Play, Memorialized in Word Art

Football’s most spectacular moments—do-or-die fourth down conversions, tide-turning tackles, near-miraculous Hail Marys—are most memorable when watched with your man cave bunch.

David Tyree’s incredible “helmet catch” in the closing moments of Super Bowl XLII (February 3, 2008) is one such moment.

Tyree himself has called it “monumental,” and for good reason.

The New England Patriots were on the cusp of achieving the NFL’s first perfect season since the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

But with one minute, six seconds left on the clock, New York Giants wide receiver Tyree caught a go-for-broke, 32-yard pass from Eli Manning and held the ball to the side of his head when Patriots safety Rodney Harrison pulled him down. 

Football wall art depicts the “helmet catch” from Super Bowl XLII, handwritten with New York Giants 2007 season stats.

The amazing play gave the Giants the first down they needed. Their next and final drive led to Plaxico Burress’ touchdown, Lawrence Tynes’ extra point, and the electrifying 17-14 final score.

Dan Duffy caught all of the helmet catch’s excitement when writing, shading, and coloring the date, opponent, and score of every Giants game from that championship season.

This written recreation of the greatest play in Super Bowl history will make you and your friends feel like cheering for it all over again whenever you see the piece on the wall.

Provided you’re not Patriots fans. Nothing personal, but a classic play’s a classic play, right?

One-of-a-Kind Football Wall Decor Make One-of-a-Kind Man Caves

Football wall art from Art of Words does more than make your man cave a stylish space.

It provides eye-catching, conversation-starting, finishing touches to make it as special as you and your group of friends.

Our unique scenes of big stadiums, big players, and big moments can help make your place the place to be for all the big games, this season and for many more to come.

So before you kick off this fall’s watch parties, be sure to scout Art of Words’ football collection.

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