Make Mother's Day Special

A mother is a gift to cherish! Although we should show our love throughout the entire year, Mother's Day is the one day when you can express to all the moms in your life just how much they are loved and appreciated. Here are 3 simple tips to ensure her day is as special as she is:

1. Set Aside Time for Mom - We get it, life can be busy. Most of the time, parents just want to talk with their children and spend time together. Whether it's a full day, half day or a few hours, make sure mom gets plenty of time! Can't see mom in person, setup a video call. Make it even more fun with a virtual happy hour featuring mom-osas and a mom playlist to jam to throughout.

 2. Flowers - Moms love breaking out a vase and having a beautiful set of flowers to freshen up the home. Plus they're a great reminder of how much you care, even when you're not around!

3. Personal Touches - A well written card goes a long way. And if you have kids, you can take it one step further and have them write a card of their own. Need ideas? We have a DIY Mother's Day activity you can download for free right here! Moms love putting their children's work on display around the house!

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