Dodgers Art: The Perfect Gift for the Girl or Guy Who Bleeds Blue

True blue (and white) L.A. Dodgers fans will proudly display commemorative Dodgers art. But beyond the pride, they also feel joy as they recall the team’s unforgettable, all-star, adrenaline-pumping moments.

For example, you’d be hard-pressed to forget when Julio Urias struck out the Tampa Bay Rays’ Yandy Diaz, closing out the 2020 World Series’ Game Seven with two-plus shut-out innings. Or what about Clayton Kershaw intercepting Max Muncy’s slide into home during Game Five?

Art of Words offers two unique prints of Dan Duffy’s handcrafted word art for you or anyone in your circle who bleeds Dodger blue.

These pieces, with images completely created from handwritten words, convey the spirit of those time-stopping moments. Each word commemorates specific and special information about the L.A. Dodgers in a unique and lasting way.  

Keep reading to learn more about these pieces from Art of Words’ baseball collection, honoring this long-standing franchise and some of its most prized players. 

More Than a Work of Art, This Dodgers Wall Decor Also Tells a Story

After 32 long years of waiting, elated Dodgers fans everywhere joined to celebrate the team’s World Series win in 2020.

But it wasn’t simply winning the title that had fans of Los Angeles’ Major League Baseball team cheering. As a fan, you likely remember pinnacle postseason moments like the ones mentioned earlier, plays showcasing Kershaw’s and Urias’s athleticism and intensity. 

While a photograph or video can help preserve these snippets of sporting magnificence, they may not always carry with them the feeling and wonder of the time.

But the word art Dan has created in honor of a host of different baseball (and other sports) teams can capture that feeling of wonder.

For example, look at the sheer excitement of Dodgers pitcher, No. 7, Julio Urias helping clinch the 116th World Series win. 

L.A. Dodgers pitcher, No. 7, Julio Urias in Dodgers art print made of handwritten words of stats from 2020 World Series season.

Now, zoom in a little closer.

You’ll see Urias—like catcher Austin Barnes and an umpire in the background—are composed of handwritten words.

And these words tell a story: the story of the Dodgers’ 2020 World Series win, shared by way of roster, date, score, and opponent for every Dodgers game in the season

Similarly, fans will appreciate the details and emotion behind Dan’s homage to Dodgers pitcher, No. 22, Clayton Kershaw.

In this piece of Dodgers art, we see the eight-time All-Star winding for the pitch—from a game in the 2014 season—earning him the title of three-time National League (NL) Cy Young Award winner and 2014 NL Most Valuable Player.

In this print, the handwritten words are the stats from every game Kershaw played in that memorable season. 

Art of Words Prints Make Great Los Angeles Dodgers Gifts

As you can see, the imagery created from handwritten words in each Art of Words illustration contains the stories behind the story.

Each piece of his beautiful, iconic artwork takes Dan anywhere from 50 to 200 hours to research and complete. Dan created his first piece of word art because he wanted a memorable, personalized gift that would impress his girlfriend. (It worked! Now, she’s his wife.)

A team that dates back to 1890 and was originally Brooklyn's affectionately nicknamed "Bridegrooms," the L.A. Dodgers have proved themselves worthy of praise and honor, as have the fans who want to celebrate them.

No need to scramble for a gift for your buddy, dad, brother, sister, co-worker, or cousin when you can give them the Dodgers art gift they’re sure to love!

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