Handwrote every LA Dodger ever to create Dodger stadium - PRE-ORDER NOW!

This one has been a monster...and I've finally got it looking good enough to submit to MLB and offer as a pre-order. This Art of Words piece is timely for a number of reasons:

* This year is the 60th anniversary of Dodger Stadium

* They're a freakin' All-Star team

* My father-in-law Rollie has a signed early 60's Dodgers baseball (see YouTube video below)

* I was born in Norristown, PA - same as Tommy Lasorda

Also my buddy and his wife wanted an LA skyline so its nice to get 2 birds with one stone.

Over 100 hours spent so far and a couple more to go. The first 60 prints Pre-Ordered will receive a limited edition artist proof. 50 years from now at the Antique Road Show you might really love that. For Dodgers fans, I hope this print brings you joy - have fun with family and friends finding Fernando, Sandy and Kershaw. Allow 3 weeks for arrival.


Pre-Order now by clicking HERE!


More about the art and the family ball here:

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