Show Parents How Much You Care: Gift Ideas They’re Sure to LOVE

They changed our diapers, put Band-Aids on our cuts and scrapes, clenched their teeth while we learned to drive, showed up to our games and events, and even helped (the best they could) when we tried to figure out impossible math equations: Parents.

While not a public holiday, National Parent’s Day lands on July 25th. It’s a day we can all honor the parental figures in our lives—moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles—and the sacrifices they’ve made to help us get where we are today. 

But how do you find unique gifts for parents who have everything?

This is actually a dilemma word artist Dan Duffy has worked out (unlike some of those math problems from way back when).

To impress and celebrate a special someone in his life—then his girlfriend, now his wife—Dan created a unique, detailed piece of art made entirely of words with meaning and story behind them. 

Today, Dan’s portfolio is a wide and diverse selection of breathtaking word art illustrations of legendary moments in sports, music, and history sure to delight even the most difficult people to buy for—including your parents!

Gifts for Your Parents That Come From the Heart (and Are Not Easily Forgotten)

Older mother touches side of her adult male child’s face while both sit at kitchen table, mugs and flowers visible.

Would mom, dad, or whoever you consider your parents be satisfied with a card? A gadget delivered right to their door? Maybe.

But if you’re looking for unique gifts for parents who have everything, if you want to honor them with something memorable, why not give them special, unexpected, and lasting gifts?

One of the many reasons Art of Words earns such rave reviews (2,500 and counting on our website) and media praise is because Dan Duffy’s art exemplifies “special, unexpected, and lasting”—and more.

Because Dan’s collection covers a broad range of subject matter and interests, it’s easy to find gifts for parents. To find the perfect selection for yours, you can browse their favorite:

Each category contains word art prints paying tribute to regional, national, and global centerpieces, icons, and legends—all by using words that tell a story and reflect the magnificence of each piece’s focal point.

Now, let’s show you how. 

A Closer Look at LOVE

One of Dan’s most popular prints comes from his Philadelphia collection. It features artist Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture.

Since the Bicentennial in 1976 (with only a few interruptions), this big, bright block of a word has been an irresistible attraction for Philly tourists and residents alike. 

A native of Philly himself, Dan poured his own affection for the City of Brotherly Love into creating this LOVE word art poster. 

 Detail of Dan Duffy’s Philadelphia LOVE statue word print shows how handwritten words, colored in red and blue, form the image.

Even at first glance, this representation of the LOVE sculpture is aesthetically stunning, thanks to its reds with blue-green shadow highlights.

But, when you look more closely, you’ll see this piece offers more than initially meets the eye. 

The entire LOVE statue illustration is comprised of handwritten words about Philadelphia people, places, and famous quotes, including:

  • “Hungry 76ers”
  • “Besty Ross”
  • “Brotherly Love”
  • “Will Smith”
  • “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

The attention to detail and the Philly-specific content, all wrapped up in a beautiful piece of art, make the LOVE word art poster a perfect example of a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

And it’s simply one example! If your parents or parents live in a different city or love a particular band or sport—you’ll be hard-pressed not to find something for them in Dan’s collection. 

Something for Everyone: New, Younger, or Older Parents

As July 25th approaches, consider delighting parents besides your own with meaningful, memorable art as well. 

Or consider giving the perfect anniversary gift.

That’s the (literal) beauty of Art of Words—there’s something for everyone, and every age.

Unframed word art print by Dan Duffy depicts Philadelphia LOVE statue, image made of handwritten things Philadelphians love.

For example, some of Dan’s work focuses on specific moments in time that may appeal to particular generations.

In his Baseball collection, Dan has several winning World Series pieces hailing from different eras, including:

  • The 1956 New York Yankees
  • The 1986 New York Mets
  • The 2011 St. Louis Cardinals
  • The 2013 Boston Red Sox
  • The 2020 Los Angeles Dodgers 

Rather than subject yourself to the stress of coming up with unique gifts for parents who have everything, why not immerse yourself in the ample options of Art of Words? 

By giving your parents a unique, memorable, and lasting Art of Words print, you are showing them how much you care.

You are thanking them for being your caregiver, nurse, driving instructor, math tutor, and every other hat they’ve worn for you!

And to help you out, we’re giving you 10% off your purchase when you sign up for our emails. Simply click here to get started and receive your discount code! 

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