Father’s Day Gifts for “Dad Who Doesn’t Want Anything”

It’s one of the toughest gift-giving assignments: Finding great Father’s Day gifts for the dad who doesn’t want anything

Dad may say, “I’ve already got everything I could want.”

But you’re not gonna take him at face value, are you?

What Dad really doesn’t want is another necktie or coffee mug.

Even if he loves to grill, he may not want fancy barbecue gadgets; he’s already using tools he trusts.

And a gift card to the big box hardware store? That’ll only remind him of home improvement projects he’s been putting off.

You want to give Dad a present as unique as he is—something that shows you love him, with his particular interests, experiences, and passions.

Art gifts for Dad from Art of Words fill the bill.

When you give him one of word artist Dan Duffy’s handwritten illustrations, you’re giving the “dad who doesn’t want anything” a gift he simply never knew he wanted!

Unique Art Gifts for Dad, Guaranteed to Delight Him—and You!

Every dad’s different. But over the years we’ve found certain categories of word art make consistently great Father’s Day gifts.

1. Iconic Sports Places and Players

    If your dad’s a sports fan, wall word art honoring a team he cheers for or a player he admires may make the perfect gift.

    If Dad loves baseball, you could hit a gifting home run with a view of his favorite club’s playing field.

    Dan Duffy’s rendering of Yankee Stadium, for example, is handwritten with the names of 1,465 New York Yankees—every member of the team from its birth in 1903 through its 27th World Series win in 2009. It would be a wonderful way to thank Dad for all those times he took you out to the ball game.

    Word artist Dan Duffy’s portrait of Reggie White with the date, quarterback and number of sacks in his career.

    Or if football is your father’s favorite, a picture of one of the game’s greats would make a great gift.

    For instance, Dan wrote the stats for each of the late Reggie White’s 198 career sacks to create a striking portrait of the Philadelphia Eagles’ and Green Bay Packers’ “Minister of Defense.”

    Show Dad he’s one of your heroes by giving him an artistic tribute to one of his.

    2. Memorable Musicians

     Word artist Dan Duffy’s portrait of Bruce Springsteen singing into microphone and playing guitar, handwritten with “Born to Run” lyrics.

      If your dad’s more interested in rhythm than rushing yards or beats than batting averages, make his spirit sing this Father’s Day with a handwritten portrait of a favorite musician.

      Is Dad a Bruce Springsteen fan? Give him the lyrics of the title track from Bruce’s breakthrough 1975 album, Born to Run, carefully contoured and colored to show The Boss at the mic, working his magic on his Fender Telecaster guitar. 

      Or if Dad’s tastes tend more toward crooner classics, how about a portrait of Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra, handwritten with the lyrics to his signature song, “My Way?” 

      Giving your father word wall art of a musical legend tells him he’s the stuff of legend in your family!

      3. Makers of American History

      If Dad’s a history buff, it’s tempting to buy him the latest biography on the bestseller lists.

      But instead of adding another thick book to his “to read” pile, why not give a distinctive piece of wall decor to hang next to his bookshelf?

      Probably no U.S. president evokes more reverence for our nation’s history than the one who fought to preserve it during its darkest and bloodiest days. Dan formed his portrait of Abraham Lincoln from the text of the 16th president’s Second Inaugural Address

      Word artist Dan Duffy’s portrait of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., handwritten with the text of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.











      Dan created his portrait of another towering American visionary, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King., Jr., by handwriting the words of Dr. King’s immortal “dream speech,” delivered at the March on Washington, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, on August 28, 1963. 

      Any of the distinguished pieces in Art of Words’ history collection would make a great gift for the man who’s encouraged you to speak up and make your mark on the world.

      Unique and Unforgettable Father’s Day Gifts for Your Dad

      Many a Father’s Day gift guide simply reinforces generic ideas about what and who a dad should be. 

      Does Pop really need one more bottle opener or cutting board

      Wall decor from Art of Words shows Dad you appreciate him for who he is.

      The teams he follows, the music he listens to, the history that inspires him—a Father’s Day gift from Art of Words tells Dad you value how these influences have shaped him, and wouldn’t change him for the world.

      Our handwritten illustrations are gifts to make Dad, “who doesn’t want anything,” glad you decided to make a fuss over him.

      They’re gifts he’ll never imagine not having wanted!

      Browse our always growing collection of 80+ unique and unforgettable word art designs.

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