Need a Memorable Gift for Your Best Friend?

Certain people in your life deserve more than a coffee mug or gift card when an occasion calls for presents. Your best friend is one of them.

A great, memorable gift for a best friend reflects the shared experiences that brought you together and kept your relationship strong all this time.

It brings a big grin to their face as soon as they open it and say, “Only you would have thought of this!”

And, whenever they see it, they’ll feel grateful and glad for the true friendship you share.

At Art of Words, we’ve got plenty of gift ideas for best friends—more than 100 of them! Any one of our word art prints would make a perfect gift for someone’s best friend, including yours.

A Great Gift Can Celebrate Your Shared Love of the Game

If you and your best friend have spent years pulling for the same players and teams, wall art celebrating your shared fandom is a present your friend will love.

Do you both belong to Red Sox Nation, for instance? You probably did lots of shouting and fist-bumping as you watched the BoSox beat the Dodgers in game five of the 2018 World Series. 

The decisive game five saw American League MVP Mookie Betts stuck in an uncharacteristic 0-13 slump. But, he returned to form when it mattered. He hit his first career postseason homer in the top of the sixth to extend the Sox’s lead.

Yes, the wound of Boston trading Mookie away to the very team the Sox vanquished—a mere 16 months later—still stings the Beantown faithful. But giving your friend and fellow Sox supporter word artist Dan Duffy’s portrait of Mookie is still a great way to remember the sensational season you enjoyed together.

Female and male best friends smile at each other and hang framed word art portrait of Mookie Betts on the wall.

Composed of the handwritten date, score, and opponent from each of the team’s 176 games in 2018, Dan’s Mookie Betts poster makes a memorable gift your best friend will hang up with pride. 

It’s a reminder of the Olde Towne Team’s fantastic 2018 season and of your fantastic friendship.

Reminders of College Game Days Together Make Thoughtful Gifts

Sometimes, we keep the friends we make at college for a lifetime. Best friendships can form in dorms and dining halls, residence halls, and restaurants around campus, or in the stadium on Saturday afternoons, cheering on the football squad.

The largest stadium in the U.S., Michigan Stadium, has no doubt seen innumerable best friends, both students and alumni, sitting in—and jumping out of—its seats. From October 25, 1976, until COVID forced the Big Ten to turn the public away in 2020, every home game at the Big House drew more than 100,000 fans. 

Who knows how many best friends have sung “The Victors” together as the Wolverines prevailed again in college football’s winningest program?

Unframed word art print depicting Michigan Stadium, handwritten with stats of 440 Wolverines wins, lies flat on table.

Dan formed his scene of Michigan Stadium by writing the date, opponent, and final score of every winning game played there, as well as the Wolverines’ National Championship wins, between 1927 and 2019. That’s 440 wins in all!

Our collection includes plenty of other collegiate and professional stadiums, places where sports history and best friends’ personal histories often meet.

Skyline Word Art is a Unique Gift for Your Unique Friend

Few experiences in life test friendships more than when one friend moves away.

It's easier today than ever to stay in touch with far-away friends. But no call, text, or tweet can replace being able to get together at a moment’s notice to do things you both love doing, in places where you’ve loved doing them.

You can make sure your friend knows you intend to keep your friendship strong despite the distance by giving them one of Dan’s striking city skyline prints.

He creates each skyline by writing and coloring the names of neighborhoods, streets, attractions, and landmarks, and sometimes even local traditions, until he has artwork as iconic and unique as the cities themselves.

Framed word art view of Chicago skyline, handwritten with names of streets and neighborhoods, hangs on wall.

You might give your friend a view of the city they’re leaving— an extra-special souvenir of where they’ve been, and where both of you formed your friendship to hang on the wall of a new home.

Or, you may choose to present them with a print of the new city they’ll be calling home. You’ll be showing your support and encouragement as they begin a new chapter in life. You’ll also be telling them the long distance between you won’t keep you from caring.

Art of Words Offers More Than 100 Great Gifts for the Best Friends

Whether you need a birthday gift, holiday present, or “just because” item, you’re sure to find a meaningful, memorable gift for your best friend in the Art of Words collection.

Browse our 105+ unforgettable word art designs. Discover the one that makes you think of your best friend, and you’ll have found the perfect gift for them.

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