Your Art of Words Cyber Monday Deal is Here!

Does Art of Words have Cyber Monday deals to help you finish up your holiday shopping?

Well, as the old joke goes, is the Pope Catholic?

Do the Chicago Bears want to beat the Green Bay Packers?

Is Rocky Balboa gonna fly now?

Yes, of course we have Cyber Monday deals for you!

In fact, we’re continuing our biggest and best sale of the year from Black Friday: Take 20% off your purchase.

Those savings make Cyber Monday the perfect time to score art prints for all the sports fans, music lovers, history buffs, and more on your holiday shopping list—or to finally snap up the wall art in our collection you’ve had an eye on for yourself all year.

Fine Art to Inspire, Excite, and Encourage Everyone On Your List

You can use your Art of Words Cyber Monday deal to save 20% on any of the art prints in our collection.

With more than 105 of word artist Dan Duffy’s handwritten, text-based illustrations to choose from, you’re sure to find a gift to thrill even the person you find it hardest to buy presents for—as sure as the Pope prays the Rosary, as sure as the Bears hate the Packers (and vice versa), and as sure as Rocky refuses to quit!

Give Them a Papal Audience This Holiday Season

Even many Americans who aren’t Catholic feel a fondness for Pope Francis. His warm and winsome manner, his attention to everyday people, and his calls to live with compassion and joy have won him admirers regardless of their religious affiliations.

Save 20% with Art of Words Cyber Monday deal on word art print of Pope Francis, handwritten with text of Matthew 5-7.

Dan Duffy created this appealing portrait of Pope Francis by writing the complete text of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). It includes the Beatitudes, Jesus’ sayings about who is blessed in the kingdom of heaven. The pontiff has called these sayings “a message for all humanity” that “always lead to joy.”

This uniquely charming likeness of Pope Francis isn’t a personal audience at the Vatican. But as it hangs on the wall of the person you give it to, it will be a daily source of inspiration and peace.

Delight Them With Da Bears’ Dominating Defense 

In contrast, Dan’s depiction of a powerhouse pile-up from Super Bowl XX isn’t likely to inspire feelings of peace. But it will send the spirit of any Chicago Bears fan who owns it soaring higher than a Hail Mary pass!

It’s been 35 years since the “46 Defense” helped the Bears dominate the New England Patriots (46-10) in both teams’ Super Bowl debuts. Dan’s dramatic art shows four players from one of the NFL’s best units ever—the late Dave Duerson (#22), Dan Hampton (#99), Mike Singletary (#50),and Dan Hampton (#99)—showing no mercy as they take a Patriot down.

 Save 20% with Art of Words Cyber Monday deal on word art print of Chicago Bears players, handwritten with 1985 season stats.

The picture is handwritten with the date, opponent, and score from all 19 games in the Bears’ championship 1985 season. 

And don’t worry. If “da Bears” aren’t “da best” in the eyes of those you’re shopping for this Cyber Monday, you can use “da deal” on any of our exciting football wall art. (We’ve even got art prints Packers fans will love—just don’t tell Da Coach!)

Cheer On Your Special Champ With Rocky Wall Art

A decade before the Bears’ big win in the Super Bowl, another would-be champion was going the distance on movie screens.

In Rocky, the Italian Stallion didn’t beat Apollo Creed (something had to be saved for the sequel), but he won the hearts of moviegoers everywhere with his toughness and tenacity.

If someone on your gift list needs extra inspiration this holiday season, consider Dan Duffy’s portrait of Sylvester Stallone’s most famous character.

 Save 20% with Art of Words Cyber Monday deal on word art print of Rocky Balboa, handwritten with “Eye of the Tiger” lyrics.

The handwritten lyrics to “Eye of the Tiger” (the hit song Survivor wrote for Rocky III) form the most enduring image from the first film: Rocky has finished his run up the steps of Philly’s art museum and stands triumphantly at the top.

It’s a great way to encourage anyone, including yourself, to keep moving forward no matter what hits life may throw at them.

But remember: The final bell on your Art of Words Cyber Monday 20% discount sounds when November 29th is over. Wrap up your holiday shopping like a true winner and choose the art prints they’ll love now!

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