Capturing History: The 2023 Rangers Road To The World Series

“Texas Rangers Road to the World Series is here! Handwritten with the date, opponent, and score of every game during the 2023 season.

179 games in all…Celebrating the Rangers’ championship season, featuring an action-shot of their MVP, Corey Seager! Have fun finding your favorite game(s) as you reminisce over a historic journey by your

Texas Rangers!”

Step into a world where art and sports converge with the exclusive 2023 Rangers World Series Word Art Print, meticulously crafted by word artist Dan Duffy. This unique piece immortalizes the Rangers' historic journey to their first-ever World Series title in 51 years of franchise history.

Renowned word artist Dan Duffy brings his signature style to this stunning print, meticulously handwriting the date, opponent, and score of every game from the unforgettable 2023 season. With 179 games meticulously documented, including a regular season record of 90-72-0 and a postseason record of 13-4, each detail is meticulously captured.

Through Duffy's intricate word art, fans can relive the defining moments of the season, from Seager's game-changing 9th inning blast to Semien's record-setting performance and El Bombi's unforgettable walk-off home run. Each pivotal moment is brought to life with unparalleled artistry.

As fans explore the print, they'll discover a testament to the resilience, determination, and sheer talent that propelled the Rangers to victory. With only a limited number of artist proofs available, each one becomes a cherished tribute to a season that will forever hold a special place in Rangers lore.

Dan Duffy, the creative force behind Art of Words, has perfected the art of capturing iconic moments in history through handwritten letters and numbers. From all-time rosters to championship seasons, Duffy's work transforms sports legends and historic landmarks into breathtaking works of art. Explore his full collection for unique handwritten gifts that celebrate the essence of history and sports.

Experience the intersection of art and sports with the 2023 Rangers World Series Word Art Print by Dan Duffy. As fans proudly display this masterpiece, they pay homage to the Rangers' historic triumph and celebrate the enduring legacy of a season that will be remembered for generations to come. Here's to the Rangers, champions at last! Go Rangers!


Congrats Rangers fans on your first World Series title since the franchise started 51 years ago in 1972!
The first 51 orders will receive a limited edition artist proof print - a few are still left!
Fun Facts:
* Handwritten with the date, opponent and score of every 2023 Rangers game that led to their 1st World Series title in franchise history!

* 179 games in all
Regular season 90-72-0; Postseason 13-4

* Like a scene right out of a movie, Seager's 9th inning blast in Game 1 of the World Series is captured in this image and set the tone for the rest of their "Go And Take It" run to victory. From Semien's record of starting all 179 games to El Bombi's walk-off HR in Game 1 to Heim's Gold Glove, it was a season to never be forgotten.

* Have fun with family and friends finding the games you were at for this memorable season & the ones you enjoyed watching the most!


$54.99 - Unframed Fine Art Print - 16"x20" (Standard Size)
$229.99 - Double Matte + Framed Print - 23"x27"
About Art of Words:

Art of Words is the creation of word artist Dan Duffy. By handwriting tiny letters and numbers, Dan creates images of iconic people, places & moments in history. All-time rosters & championship seasons become sport’s greatest stadiums and athletes. Song titles and lyrics create the best musicians of our time. City streets, neighborhoods and landmarks showcase skylines across the country. Check out the full collection for unique handwritten gifts!

Additional Info
- Hand signed by the artist
- Made in the USA
- Printed on acid free, archival matte paper
- Officially licensed by MLB & MLBPA
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