5 Productivity Tips!

1) Make Lists - don't want to forget about that last minute task that came up? Write it down! Keeping a running list will ensure you won't forget anything important!

2) Focus on one goal at a time - it's easy to try to multi task when there's so much to do! But that also means spreading your energy and focus too thin. Try finishing one task before moving onto another!

3) Take Breaks - Breaks are essential to getting re-energized and re-focused on what you need to do. Plus, breaks often give your brain a rest to be more creative and think of better ideas!

4) Exercise - The leaves are changing and temps are still comfortable enough to spend time outside. Whether you're playing a sport or walking, getting some fresh air will only help you be more productive in the long run.

5) De Clutter - remember to always keep your workspace neat and organized! Ultimately, your work will be a reflection of the space you are working in!

*****BONUS TIP*****  Always have something else on hand that lets you be creative! In addition to getting your mind off of your actual work, creativity actually help make you more productive! Check out our free DIY art projects here

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