5 Gifting Tips

1) Think like the receiver: The best way to narrow down your gift ideas...think like the person you are giving it to! What do they like? (What do they do in their free time?) What don't they like? Are they a sports fan? Who is their favorite team? Music or history buff? Ask yourself a few questions and it'll lead you to the right place!

2) Give meaningful gifts: Think of something the other person holds in high regard. Sports and music are two almost universally loved subjects. When you choose a gift based on what they love, it is significant and personal to them. They feel known and valued by your gift.

3) Make the recipient feel special: Your gift should make your recipient feel loved. Have a skill or talent? Gifts you make yourself are often very meaningful because they can’t be bought or reproduced...they also take thought, time and effort and are as special and unique as the person you are giving them to!

4) Give gifts attached to charities: Many companies have philanthropic connections to local charities. Giving a gift that gives back to the community is a great way to show how you (and the receiver) value making a difference. That’s a gift that keeps on giving!

5) Wrap it nicely: A beautifully wrapped gift heightens the anticipation and excitement for the recipient. Even a simple but stylish gift bag with colored tissue paper makes a striking presentation. 

Whether for birthdays, holidays or “just because,” gift giving is a wonderful way to spread joy to those we care about. A gift never has to be extravagant to be loved and cherished. Thoughtful, meaningful gifts best capture the heart.

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