We're Lowering Our Prices

From my 1st days of selling in the Phillies parking lot, it was important that my art be affordable to everyone. Coming from a working class family myself, I remember being mad at the kids whose family could afford to get them Doc Martens or the latest Jordans. Free shipping, standard sizes... all these things through the years we did to make things easier for you guys. Slowly and steadily over 10 years our prices have increased as the word arts got more crazy. But with the prices of everything going up I thought we might do something different. Lowering our prices by at least $5 a print, some up to $10. It shouldn't cost a lot to give a cool/unique gift. We just made all the changes so get to shopping. Mothers Day, graduations and Fathers Day are right around the corner.


  • John Doby

    Do you offer a discount if I buy 6 prints ?

  • Patrice

    Would love Star Wars! Also, St Joe’s Barbelin Hall, the Philadelphia Waterworks (with Art Museum in background) & Drexel’s mascot! Would love these for myself & to give as gifts.

  • Lauren

    Would love a Star Wars themed print, too!!

  • Diane Rudolfsky

    I love your work, having previously purchased Yankee Stadium and New York City Skyline as gifts. Any possibility of Harry Potter/Hogwarts theme in the future? I understand there could be issues with copyright, but I’ve seen various crossover work done with Starry Night and Disney as well as Potter. Looking forward to new projects. Thanks.

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